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Business Connectivity is a part of WCS Solution, with solves today's network infrastructure problem and accelerates the opportunities to enterprises. It enables enterprises to evolve their networks from today's simple connectivity to tomorrow's full convergence, delivering collaboration between employees, partners, customers and suppliers where and when it is needed

Networks Integrator

Integrate your enterprise and data center networks for improved availability, reliability, performance and security

In today's business environment, organizations increasingly rely on information technologies for their survival. Network Infrastructure not only provide gateway for communication and collaboration, its also supports various applications that organizations depend on to manage daily business operations.

Besides issue of network bandwidth, security and support for legacy applications and equipment, the use of new technologies-and seamlessly integrating them with the existing network infrastructure and applications-poses unforeseen level of complexity and challenge.

WCS as System Integrator bringing components together to build a single, fast, reliable and effective infrastructure requires considerable depth f technical knowledge and experience for Enterprise or Carrier environment

In the Digital and Multimedia Era, enterprises are facing new challenges, threats and opportunities, as legislation attempts to give employees more balanced life style.

The Internet, new technology and services are delivering new solutions that provide robust, resilient, simple and secure networking, enabling flexible working so that employees can work when and where they need to mobile activities.

And these technologies and solution are available to us today with supporting

Enterprise Network

  • Building LAN and WAN for Corporate Company or SMB
  • Building Networks for Data Center and DRC environment
  • Multimedia Communication
  • IP enable solution
  • Mobility solution
  • Enterprise Security Solution
  • Cabling System for Wired or Optical Infrastructure

Carrier Class Networks

  • Building Frame Relay Networks
  • Building Next Generation Networks
  • Building Optical Networks(SDH,STM-64,CWDM,Optical Ethernet)
  • ADSL and Cable Operator Solution
  • Unified Access Control and
  • Wireless Networks, such as Wmesh, Wimax, WLAN

Wireless Networks

  • WLAN Enterprise Solution
  • WLAN for Carrier Class and Hotspot
  • Wireless Mesh Solution
  • Access Control and Management for Wireless Solution

Customer Services

email : helpdesk-wcs.co.id
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Network Security Solutions

A network security system typically relies on layers of protection and consists of multiple components including networking monitoring and security system in addition to hardware and appliances

Security has become a top priority for every company that uses information technology. Due to the rapid expansion of computer networks and the Internet economy, protecting your systems from attack calls for specialized security measures.

WCS has the proven skills and track record in providing IT security services that minimize security risks. As a vendor-neutral consulting firm, we have partnered with major vendors in the IT security market, giving us the ability to develop and install security measures to suit the needs of your business.

We provide Secrity Service in the following areas :

  • Virtual Private Network Solution
  • Remote Access Solution
  • Virus Protection and Alert
  • Data Encryption
  • Security Socket Layer (SSL) Solutions
  • Bandwidth Management & Compression
  • Perimeter Deployment and Management
  • Security Policy Design and Enforcement
  • Security Auditing
  • Intrusion Detection Prevention
  • Wireless Security and access control for WLAN, Hotspot and WiMax
  • Single Sign On Solution based on customer application and database

Customer Services

email : helpdesk-wcs.co.id
+62 812-8200-8800

Voice Network Solutions

WCS provides a selection of best-in class voice and network solutions. Our products are designed to provide seamless, reliable application platforms to enhance your business communications.

As System Integrator, WCS also provide Voice Networking solution, design and service, will undertake the project management, systems implementation and integration and will offer the support of the complete solution for Office as well as Hospitality such as Hotel, Apartment, Public(non Carrier), Private Voice Network under a single contract covering any number of technologies or locations.

There is no question that IP will become the 'de facto' transport method for all communications of the future. This should not, however, detract from the principal function of any telephony system, that of communication, regardless of the type of cables it is connected with. No one should ever consider IP Telephony unless there is a valid application unique to IP or cost justification behind it. Communication is much more than making and receiving telephone call these days, as business dynamics force companies to look for ways of stretching the working day and enabling workforces to collaborate in more and more innovative ways. New features are being introduced to existing communications and messaging systems to enable functionality such as Instant Messaging, Presence Awareness, Video Meetings and Application Sharing. All making sure that communication happens at the most convenient time and through the most effective medium.

Voice based technology solution to meet customer's business needs will be divided in to :

Multimedia Communications

is a new architecture in providing real time communications services and collaboration for :

  • Voice, Video, Instant Messaging
  • Communications Solution that comes with integrated applications
  • White boarding / file sharing / collaborating
  • Web push
  • Conferencing
  • Messaging
  • Presence
  • Personalization

VoIP and Circuit Switching

  • Circuit Switching
  • IP Enable and Pure IP Enterprise Network

Advance Solution

  • Services & Application (PMS,Billing,SMS Gateway, etc)
  • Call Center
  • Customer Contact
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • IP Contact Center
  • Multimedia Contact
  • Self Service, Advance speech and Voice Portal

Customer Services

email : helpdesk-wcs.co.id
+62 812-8200-8800

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